7 Vocal Tips and Warm Ups Every Singer MUST Know

1) Record your voice

7 Vocal Tips - Record Your Voice

Record your voice on your smartphone!

There are 2 reasons you should record your voice…

  • 1 – To hear how you actually sound to other people so you can adjust and perfect your desired tone.
  • 2 – You can track your vocal tone progress as you become a better singer

You can use any smart phone, laptop, or tablet to record your voice.

When you first do this you may be like 99% of all people and hate the way you sound, but it is for this very reason that you are recording your voice: To hear how you actually sound and make the necessary tonal adjustments to eventually achieve your desired tonal goal.

2) Human Siren 

7 Vocal Tips - Siren

Sound like a human siren!

  • Hum from the lowest note you can hit to your highest, making the sound of a siren.

If this is your first warm up of the day it is usually better to do this warm up a few times with notes that are more in the middle of your range.

This simple yet effective warm up technique will help loosen the vocal muscles and better prepare you to sing.

3) Lip Rolls/Trills

7 Vocal Tips - Lip Trills/Rolls

Lip Trills/Rolls

  • Wet your lips.
  • Close your mouth and make sure your lips are touching each other.
  • While keeping your lips together, blow air while reciting a scale or melody. The lips should vibrate and sound like you are making a “brbrbrbr” sound (it may sound like you are blowing bubbles in water)

This is one of the most popular and effective warm ups.

Lip rolls/trills are a great way of ensuring that your larynx remains down and that vocal strain is avoided.

Lip rolls/trills will also help you sing higher notes and increase your vocal range.

4) Perfect Pitch

7 Vocal Tips - Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

Train yourself to sing on pitch and recognize notes. Being on pitch is the most important attribute a singer can have.

  • Use any tuned instrument (piano, guitar, etc.) and play a note on the instrument.
  • Try to match that same note with your voice.

You will probably not be as good at first, but you will progressively get better. If you do not have any instruments just click here and you can access a virtual piano that you can play with your computer keyboard or mouse.

If a singer has perfect technique but awful pitch they will sound awful, if a singer has perfect pitch but awful technique they will sound good.

5) Open your mouth

7 Vocal Tips - Open Your Mouth

Open your mouth!

One of the biggest mistakes singers make is not opening their mouth wide enough while singing. 

  • Put your first two fingers in your mouth and recite A-E-I-O-U.

This exercise will be a little awkward at first, and will most likely sound awkward as well, but with time and practice it will become natural and these movements will be ingrained into your muscle’s memory.

When you open your mouth you allow certain tonal characteristics to come through and it also becomes much easier to sing.

6) Think low, not high 

7 Vocal Tips - Think low, not high!

Think low, not high

Many people think of high notes as above them and therefore strain and look up when singing these notes, which raises the larynx and is bad technique.

Instead of thinking of the notes as above you think of the notes as below.

  • When you think of the high notes as low notes you larynx will remain lower and higher notes will become easier to hit!

7) Sing from your stomach NOT your throat 

7 Vocal Tips - Sing From Your Stomach!

Sing From Your Stomach!

  • To sing from your stomach you need to simply push out your stomach when you sing. If you feel a slight vibration in your chest, then you are engaging the right muscles and using the correct form.

It is vital that you sing from your stomach and not your throat. On the higher notes you will be tempted to sing from your throat. Avoid this temptation at all costs and sing from your stomach.


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